This site JVisualConcepts is an invitation to potential clients searching for a fresh and sophisticated approach to design. My extensive experience as a Graphic Designer, working for a number of companies in many different projects and my experience as a Freelancer has allow me to have a feeling for the infrastructure that is required to have a cohesive project ready for printing. It is an open portfolio for all those needing projects done on the latest of software, such as Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4, InDesign CS4, Dreamweaver CS4.

I had the opportunity to have accomplished a number of projects in graphic design, I had first hand experience of putting together wonderful projects the conventional way, the good old way. Computer Graphics on the other hand, simplifies the process making production a more effective task. By being able to merge the two, Graphic Design and Computer Graphics, I invite potential clients to use my services with the conviction that satisfaction and quality of work produced on time and within your budget will be the reason to continue with a relationship that could last a long time.

The commitment to excellence of JVisualConcepts is to create striking award winning designs. It is my hope that every satisfied client will discover that in the world of graphic design the many trends that make this profession so competitive is the ability to think out of the box and realize that only unique concepts will make you stand out of the crowd. I am committed to face to the many challenges that are presented to me with the great wonderful quality of other top advertising companies and to be able to conceptualize or enhance your ideas so your project is a piece of art that stands out and transcends.

JVisualConcepts has being inspired to become a competitive source with the conviction that the pursue of excellence will eventually become the hallmark for what it stands, the same philosophy applied to  your projects, considering the great concentration of communication-related companies in advertising, marketing, broadcasting, design, fashion, media-print, promotion and publishing. I understand the urgency, the necessity for projects that translate into profits for your company. 


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This concentration is a magnet to the best talents from around California and the country. I am aware that these designing companies generate an incredible healthy competition and creative energy around the state and the country that JVisualConcepts presents these possibilities and new definitions of style for your projects. Given this situation, I wish to extend my invitation to potential clients of the many visual areas. The goal, the main purpose and essence of my services is to offer the creative edge of this competitive marketplace so the satisfied client always stand out of the crowd with a unique concept that not only communicates effectively but sells accordingly to your expectations.

The portfolio presented here will serve as reference so you can quickly find any specific art piece, design style, typography, usage of color or idea that fits your style and budget.

I hope you find this site interesting and stimulating and decide to use my services with the conviction that great design ideas are generated by a great commitment to excellence in service and adjusting to your budget.

JVisualConcepts will be attentive to your needs and resourceful in helping you find your solution, this expert personal care who not only assist you with the project you need but also helps ensure that proper files are obtained and filed in our archives for later reference.


JVisualConcepts makes certain that every project requested is fulfilled as soon as it is received and will be delivered in a timely manner. I am are here to take your order and make sure that your proofs, semi-comps will be on your desk promptly, if not the same day or by early morning. For special projects or particular tight schedules, late night, weekend, and holiday hours can be arranged by appointment. When it comes to price JVisualConcepts will make sure that each project falls within your budget. The goal is a unique presentation of what is especial about the creative and competitive marketplace.


Julian Vergara.
Graphic Designer.

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