The Philosophy Behind His Art




 I am an abstract painter. I am constantly  gravitating toward the subjective, the imagery I am so much  part of . I have found out I deal with it on a daily basis. I make a great emphasis in color, mood and design. I am passionate about color, and that is ALL colors. Most of my images or themes people can relate to. I have developed my own language with exciting biomorphic shapes which blend softly with those geometric thoughts of this tangible world that stimulates our reasoning to create a kind of dialogue between the real and the abstract, the observer will be able to identify everyday elements conceived in real life, carved in their dreams, their joy, their sadness, dispear, fears, phobias things we like or dislike. All these element that incuvates in the most intimate of the self.

My approach to painting tend to be of a psychological content. I hope that my imagery stimulate the spirit, my idea of painting and exhibiting my work is to embrace the viewer, sothe the world and by doing so, I hope they find me on my brush strokes, my imagery, my colors, my symbology in a manner that such message come across as raw as the description of love professed to a loved one, a spouse? a son? a daugther? a father? a brother? a sister? PAINTING?. My aim is to stimulate the soul-mind by transporting the viwer to a world that is possible if phobias, fears, joy and dreams... just to name a few, have ever touched their lives at least once, if at the same time the observer finds the vision of his life in the process of analyzing my work then hopefully by experiencing the intention and interacting with of my work the viewer will probably discover the elements that makes THIS HUMAN BEING a human being.

My paintings in oil, acrylic, or mixed media are not a test on the many questions we sometimes confront and find we can not answer without stumbling over our "real" believes, credos, philosophy, taboos, with or without conviction or simply stumbling with real life. I hope that my work stimulate the viewer to be aware of his existance, his condition, his mortality, to have a subjective approach to my art OR to be profound, skin-surface, analytical, and to allow his spirit to be free for the moment and by being in this trance or communion with my work  life would probably dress up in a blue smoke like tunic and travel through the air and find that by beign totally subjective this feeling aliviate our human condition and set us apart from reality and its restrictions as we embark in the abstractionism I present in each of my pieces and hope you feel a sense of stimulus on the skin, just the same way the ancient shark feels all kinds of sensations that travels through his skin and deep into its beign. The visual causes primitive sensations of like or dislike, at first in the dermis and then travels into the system and it can intoxicate or stimulate us, it all depends on the approach and attitude the viewer presents toward my work, which is the reflection of how I view my world.

The intention is that my paintings be the venue that allows you to walk away from your daily hectic shores and once into the process of studying-analizyng my work it might help you release the bad karma that produces our modern world and the possibly the winds of fall may mold your existance into a bowl of cherries instead of a bowl of something else. I am wishing for the viewer to experience bliss as they mingle with my imagery, and invite them to experince what is to be an abstract painter.

My themes seem to have beign created while in Bacco's state of mind. my fascination with Greek mythology, my readings of the thousand and one battles of the metaphysical elements embellished my daydreaming and kept me sane as I grew up trying to decifer a world in state of convulsion, a world that continue to be so. Fantasy took me by my hand and together we walked the meadows of the possible, the subjective always appealed more to me, it seemed to have more meaning.

It erected itself as a Roman column and on its shadow I grew up thinking of a Eutopia that eventually would allow me to dare to dream awaken, and as if a vision I saw my pass overlaying my future leaving me in a dormant state of mind which turned out to be my absolute present , then I awoke, my hair was hiplong, as black as coal, my music inclination were for the impossible lyrics that on lazy days of summer saw me walking toward the sea and eventually desapeared on its depths. My passion for the abstract took shape.



I was born on tropical lands impregnated with mistery, taboos, cultural folklore, thousands of possibilities for creativity that at times I found myself taking to the air and soared joyfully but when on the ground I was chased unmercifully by a gigantic pebble, this huge rock, terrorized me many nights and many were the times I managed to escape, I do not remember HOW but I managed! so closed to be smashed by this huge bolder, this rocky pebble... so many times it menaced me, then I borrowed Icaro's wings and the blue sky I caressed with my blue smoke-like body, so many times Icaro came to support me in my despair, until one night I finally flew too closed to the moon and its heat melted the wax that held my feathery wings to my human body and as I dropped to mother earth I eventually felt as if I have finally freed myself from loosing my own life by the pale huge pebble that followed me for most of my early years. Eventually I grew arms and never soared again...I have conquered my nightmare.

The terror of HIGHS nested in the deepest of my uncounciouss and wrestles with my common sense, it rooted in the deepest of my soul, my FEARS and PHOBIAS have battled me for as long as I can remember. WATER always overflowed my mind-soul, it has chased me relentlessly, I have always managed to reach my iamginary shore... I sense that until the day I have to depart from mother earth and meet my creator this watery body will continue to stalk me well into the night...I am sure that I will cross the porthole of darkness and into the comfort zone  of the day...Will I probably meet my phobias half way again?

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Claustrophobia has kept me at bay, its tentacles have tryed a thousand times to reduced me to a tiny square, I have created my own defense and my mental battle with the unexplainable has blown me to the great outdoors, there I thrive, smile, run and grow, there I mingle with the wind, I feel so free, I feel so human, so perfect and imperfect, there I feel at once with mother earth, it is my communion with nature then it is when I feel my flesh holding fiercely onto my soul and eventually I became what I am, I am an abstract painter, I am totally immerse in abstractionism, it became my true self.

My phobias, fears, moments of joy and suffering, the intimate instances with reality, the acceptance of the duality of life, my philosophy, the readings of many cultures, my passion for research on themes that fascinates me have contributed somehow to develop my style and to realize that abstractionism is in my system and it allows me to be creative, to be a prolific painter that think how wonderful it would be if the day had more than twenty four hours, just to create, to do new art, so I can always feel this incredible trance with my brushes, acrylics or oils, the smell and fumes of turpentine, the textures of my world. I have become a possible dream.

There are many themes, many subjects, many topics, many reasons that contributes to my creativity. Many are the reasons to prepare for an exhibition or to create a new series, many are the subject matter, many are the directions an artist may go, but one important factor is the influence of his culture, the time he is living in, the many views of different ethnic groups, the variety of cultures so rich at every level, these are the elements that inspire me to do art, to portray the world I am experiencing, for the next minute life will never be the same, I wish to capture how the world is pulsating at a given moment, how it is breathing, perspiring, smiling or crying... See? I percive and consider this world a creature that FEELS just like us HUMANS. I tend to believe that the minute we all consider this world the way I percieve it WE ALL are probably  going to be more loving and caring with the only world we have and live in. There are other factors and reasons for me to wanting to do art and that is:  the passion in reading constructive and meaninful subject matter. That really feeds my imagination! that really stimulates my creativity! 

This statement is the intimate view of how I see and consider this world...this life. Then I have to agree with Albert Einstein when he said that "Creativity is more important than intellingence".

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